Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chaplin Trains

I spent a few days in Chaplin, Saskatchewan visiting my wife's relatives. The CP Swift Current subdivision runs right through town, so there are a lot of mainline freights rolling through at all hours of the day. Chaplin is a tiny town of a few hundred people, so you are never far from the tracks. On August 11 I had the scanner on and did a few dashes to the tracks when I heard an approaching train. Here are the four trains I saw that day, in between family activities.

10:35 westbound intermodal. CP 8787 on head end with DPU CP 9711.
CP 9711 as DPU in Chaplin, SK
Chaplin is one of the few places on the CP mainline where the grain elevator is on the north side of the track, making a great backdrop for photos.

13:50 eastbound grain. CP 9542.
CP 9542 in Chaplin SK
That's right, one unit on the whole train. One assumes the cars are empty.

16:30 westbound grain. CP 9609 and CP 9826, stopped for meet.
CP 9609 in Chaplin Saskatchewan
The train rolled into town and came to a halt on the main. They were to meet two oversiding trains, so they were in town for over an hour.

16:50 westbound intermodal. CP 8700, CP 8548, DPU CP 9835.
CP 8700 and an intermodal train in Chaplin Saskatchewan
I used the long lens on this one. CP 8700 West ran through the siding past 9609 West. I didn't stick around for the next meet.

It was a nice relaxed way to railfan!

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