Monday, August 02, 2010

Elie's Station

I was in Elie, Manitoba a while ago and saw this structure. This HAS to have been a railway station.
Former railway station in Elie, Manitoba
The style just screams "station" to me, from the freight door on the left to the slight bumped out center section to the lack of ground level windows on the ends, and the roof line.

A cursory Google search showed nothing but I'm convinced this was a train station. Anyone have any proof?
Former railway station in Elie Manitoba


Robert Nicks said...

That's a Canadian Northern station, design '3rd class'. According to the Canadian Railway Station Guide, published by Bytown Railway Society in 1998, it was built in 1919 and is used as a private residence.

Erin said...

I just stumbled across this tonight - this was my Grandma's house :) And yes, it was a station house for many, many years!! We recently lost my Grandma, but it was home to 9 children and my Grandparents for over 50 years!!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Erin, good to hear from you and thanks for the confirmation. Sorry for your loss. I bet it has a place in a lot of your memories.

Pierre said...

My dad was station agent here and our family lived in it in the early 60's

Henry said...

Robert, I know this is an ancient posting, but do you have that copy of the Canadian Railway Station Guide? I may know who lives there and would love to see any recorded history of the place.