Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rainbows and Trains

CP 3065 and rainbow in Winnipeg
I was bored Saturday afternoon, so the kids and I went out to do a bit of shopping and to see some trains. The weather was somewhat rainy but that didn't deter me.

First we went to Symington Yard. As I crossed the southern tip on Fermor, I saw a train approaching the yard from the Sprague subdivision. A quick trip down Symington Road by Grand Prix Amusements brought me to the tracks. CN 7522 and 7521 were working the hump yard to my right.
CN 7522 at Symington Yard in Winnipeg
SD60F CN 5532 was the sole power on the grain train coming off the Sprague subdivision.
CN 5532 in Winnipeg
I took video with my Canon T1i but I had the long lens on... you can really see the lack of image stabilization in this video.

We headed up to see what was going on with CEMR and CP in Transcona. CEMR was quiet, with 4010, 4013, and 5232 all stored behind the shops and the Brandt unit in front with some other power.

I drove around a bit and found CP 9142 East stopped just west of Redonda Street, under the Perimeter Highway. After a few minutes, they started up and rolled into Winnipeg. CP 9103 was the second unit.

At this point the rain broke. A beautiful rainbow came out. In fact, it was a partial double rainbow. I mean, it was no double rainbow, all the way but it was still pretty.

After 9142 West passed, a local with CP 3065 and venerable GP9u CP 8251 rolled up with a transfer train.
CP 8251 in Winnipeg
They pulled almost all the way through the crossing, then backed up into the CP Transcona Yard. Here's the video of their backup move.

That was enough for the kids, so we headed home.

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