Monday, November 01, 2010

CN 102 Today

CN 5558 in Winnipeg
I caught CN 102 coming into Winnipeg on a bright, sunny day. I was at the Perimeter on Wilkes Avenue waiting for VIA's Canadian when I noticed 102 coming in from the west. I shot them as they passed the MOW siding just before mile 10. Rare SD60 CN 5558 was leading, with SD75 CN 5655 trailing.

Lots of bright green Evergreen containers.

As it happens, the Canadian is quite late today and only came into Winnipeg around 1:30 PM (5.5 hours late). While I was waiting, CEMR went onto the Carman subdivision with #4000 leading. I saw it and another GP9 take a cut of a dozen or so cars across the highway to Oak Bluff.

The last time I saw CN 5655 was also on train 102! (on September 22, 2009).

EXTRA: No one has commented on my switching from 640x480 pictures to 800x600, so I assume this is not causing any problems!

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