Monday, November 08, 2010

Rocky Mountaineer Car on the Canadian

RMRX 3217 in Winnipeg
I had a tip from the Canadian Passenger Rail Yahoo! group that there would be a Rocky Mountaineer coach on today's Canadian. RM has been sending coaches east for repainting into their new colour scheme. The cars are always placed between the two engines on the Canadian because they do not have the correct wiring to pass the HEP (Head End Power) cabling through to the rest of the train. The other option would be to put them on the end, but that obscures the view from the trailing Park car.

I went to Waverley Street here in Winnipeg and shot the Canadian right on time at 12:12.
VIA 6441 and a Rocky Mountaineer car
View the full consist.

Isn't the Internet wonderful? I would never have thought to go shoot that train without the tip from a couple of days ago when it departed Toronto.

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