Friday, November 05, 2010

West Chester 4230 Slide

West Chester engine 4230
One of my eBay searches turned up this interesting slide. It depicts West Chester #4230 in fresh paint. This was NBEC 4230, originally CP 4230 built in 1965. The old girl looks brand new in this paint, even though she's 45 years old.

I shot 4230 in Miramichi in 2002:
NBEC 4230 in Miramichi, 2002.
NBEC 4230 was commonly seen in Miramichi in the early 2000s.

West Chester apparently also painted ex-CP 1803, by this slide.

NOTE: I wrote over the slide image to "ruin" it. I hate when people "borrow" my images and use them without attribution. If you want the image, go buy the slide.

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