Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elevators of the Carman Subdivision

We went to Morden, MB back in September to see the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre and also just for the drive. The route we took was highway #3 from Winnipeg to Carman, then straight south (still on the #3) to Morden. Looking at a map, you can see that CEMR's Carman subdivision parallels the road all the way to Carman.

I took the opportunity to shoot the grain elevators on the route.

The first elevator encountered was the one at Sanford. I had already shot this one back in January, so I didn't take any more.
Sanford grain elevator

Next up was the Besco Grain elevator in Brunkild. I'm not sure if the elevator uses the rail access, but there is another business in Brunkild that appears to use rail.
Brunkild, Besco

We encountered a massive Pioneer structure next, just south of Brunkild.
Pioneer elevator near Brunkild

I shot the elevator at Sperling from a distance, so the picture isn't great.
Sperling, MB grain elevator

Finally, this is the elevator complex at Homewood, MB, also from a distance.
Homewood, MB grain elevator

By this time, my family was tired of the stops, so I didn't take any photos in Carman itself. Another time!


Unknown said...

They are great pictures. I could have taken pictures of a lot of elevator in MB. and Sask. but in the early years of my train chasing all I was after is CN and CP Locomotives. Now all the old wooden elevators have disappeared into the sun set!!

Clayton Chaloner

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Clayton! I understand the focus on locomotives - I passed a lot of stuff by trackside when pursuing trains. I probably still do. There's so much to see!