Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flooding in New Brunswick

McAdam flooding, by Jody Robinson
There was a ton of rain in New Brunswick yesterday. Environment Canada is reporting that St. Stephen received 166 mm of rain (that's 6.5 inches) while Fredericton received a mere 105 mm (4.1 inches). In concert with that were unseasonably high temperatures (>10 C) and high winds. Many roads are flooded, power is out in a number of places, and some people have been forced from their homes. I hope the cleanup goes well.

CTV News reported that part of the (NB Southern) railway washed out in St. Stephen, and that McAdam had a state of emergency declared.

Jody Robinson sent me some photos of the flooding in McAdam. You can see the wye area of McAdam in the photo above. The water breached the short dam around the pond by the McAdam station.
McAdam flooding. Photo by Jody Robinson
Water is doing what water does, going to the lowest area and carving out channels in the dirt and asphalt as it goes.

NB Southern held their eastbound freight at McAdam, and the St. Stephen job did not go down the subdivision, thankfully.
NB Southern trains in McAdam
That's NBSR 9802 on the left with the St. Stephen caboose, and NBSR 9801 and two other engines were on the mainline freight train.

You can see the water headed toward the station. Fortunately, the station is OK.

Thanks for the photos, Jody!

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