Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MMA 2000

MMA 2000 in McAdam. Photo by Gary Lee
The New Brunswick Southern Railway is using MMA 2000 in New Brunswick and Maine. I don't know the details of the arrangement, whether it is a long term lease or a short term loan, but the MMA 2000 has been working in the McAdam yard and on work trains fixing up the flood damage.

MMA 2000 is an ex-Conrail GE B-23-7 engine.

Rumour has it that MMA 2000 has gone to Saint John but I have no confirmation of that yet.

Here's one more shot of MMA 2000 in McAdam with NBSR 2610.
MMA 2000 and NBSR 2610 in McAdam, NB. Photo by Gary Lee

All photos and video in this post are from Gary Lee. Thanks Gary!


NBSRFAN said...

I can confirm that it arrived into Saint John on the 28th at approx 3pm. I heard the engineman ask the NBSR yard planner where the spreader was for when they made it into the yard. The unfortunate part was that I was on my way to work and could go see it.

NBSRFAN said...

Whoops.. couldn't go see it