Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Shots

I went out around noon today to shoot the Canadian. I went up Wilkes Avenue and parked a little west of Shaftesbury, around mile 8 or so. The Canadian was right on time.
VIA 6435 in Winnipeg
VIA 6435 led the train through the blowing snow. The Canadian was a little longer than the usual winter consist, probably due to the Christmas rush. Normal Maritime car Evangeline Park brought up the rear.
VIA Evangeline Park
After that, we moved on to St. James Junction. There was another vehicle there with a couple of railfans in it. We waited for a while until CN 199 showed up just before 1 PM. Two SD75s provided the power, with CN 5791 leading.
CN 5791 in Winnipeg
Keep shoveling!

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