Tuesday, December 14, 2010

McAdam and Area Flood Update

McAdam track washout. Photo by Jody Robinson
Here's another Jody Robinson photo showing a washout under the main line in McAdam's yard. Note the culvert in the bottom left, clearly not large enough to handle the flow of water from the heavy downpour.

Long-time readers may remember I took a few photos of a washout in Grand Bay, NB back in September 2008.

I'm told that a lot of the water in McAdam has drained away, but there is a lot of damage left. I understand there are "at least six major washouts between McAdam and Saint John". Don't expect to see any main line trains for a while - just ballast trains.

It's a shame, given the amount of work that has been done to refurbish the track in the past two years after the funding announcement. Who knows how much worse it might have been?

Look at this video from St. Stephen showing the amount of water there.

Here's a video from Gary Lee showing the damage to the main street in McAdam. Near the end of the video he shows the main line in the McAdam yard hanging in the air.

EDIT: Added Gary's video from McAdam.

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