Thursday, March 15, 2012

Activity in Thompson!

I mentioned in my last post about Thompson that Wednesday (March 7) was a busy time in the train yard.

First thing in the morning, this engine was at the north end of the yard.
Hudson Bay Railroad engine 3001 in Thompson

HBRY 3001 is obviously an ex-CN unit, based on the sergeant stripes. It's a GP40-2LW. I didn't have time in the morning to do more than take this shot... oh, and this shot of caboose HBRY 79851.
Caboose HBRY 79851 in Thompson Manitoba

It was coupled to a boxcar and some trailers-on-flatcars.

At noon I went back to the yard because I knew the VIA train should be there. Little did I know there were... *two* VIA trains.
VIA 6405 in Thompson

I *think* this was VIA 692 from Churchill. It was backed right up to the south end of the yard. It was the standard length, two engines, baggage car, two coaches, diner, and Chateau car.

As I watched, Château Verchères was backing up on the same track.
Chateau Vercheres in Thompson Manitoba

They pulled up to within a couple of car lengths of VIA 6405, then the step boxes came out and passengers disembarked.

I walked the length of the first train to get the full consist and then did the same with the newly-arrived train. Here's its consist.
VIA 8228 Chateau Vercheres in Thompson Manitoba

VIA 6409 was the lead engine on that train.
VIA 6409 in Thompson Manitoba

They had seen a fair bit of snow and ice on their trip...

I didn't have time to hang around (again) but it was nice to see those trains there... given that I've seen them often enough in Winnipeg.

I came back late in the day and HBRY 3001 was still there, down by the yard office and coupled up to the caboose and a few cars.
HBRY 3001 in Thompson

The light was failing and I had to go (story of my life) so that was the end of my train day in Thompson. I'm glad I saw what I did!

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