Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dirty Pig

No, this isn't a rant against police.

I saw CN 111 heading west out of Winnipeg around noon on Thursday, March 15. I was waiting for the Canadian near Diamond. I had my Canon S3 on a tripod waiting to video it, and shot a few long distance shots of the approaching freight before turning the S3 on... and having it turn itself off and complain about low batteries. Drat.

CN 2676 was the lead engine, with CN 2677 behind it. Funny to see two engines in numeric order.
CN 2676 leading CN 111 in Winnipeg

This was scrawled in the dirt on the rear of CN 2676.
Dirty Pig
I guess it was an editorial comment about CN's maintenance practices.

Farther down the train, CN 2663 was the first DPU engine.
CN 2663 in Winnipeg

Oddly enough, there was a second DPU engine right behind 2663, ex-BC Rail engine BCOL 4645, yet another Dash-9. Four in one train!
Ex BC Rail BCOL 4645 in Winnipeg

I was interested to hear that they were detouring! They told the RTC that they were detouring through Dauphin (rather than going through Melville SK) and the RTC said they would pick up their pilot in Portage la Prairie. They need a pilot when the crew is unfamiliar with the territory, much like ships need pilots to enter unknown harbours.

CN had a 22-car derailment on the Rivers subdivision about 40km east of Melville at about 03:30 Thursday morning. VIA 1 and 2 were delayed so I never saw VIA 1 on Thursday.

Clayton Chaloner reported that he saw CN 101, CN 401, CN 111 and two others detour before the derailment was cleared. Canada Newswire reported that the TSB was sent. The Regina Leader-Post reported that the derailment site was clear by 6 PM Thursday and that the derailed cars were empty tank cars. 40km east of Melville is around Bangor or Atwater on the CN Rivers subdivision.

EDIT: Corrected engine type of BCOL 4645. Thanks Zartok!


Tyler said...

Interesting that the numberboards on CN 2663 have a UP-style font instead of the usual generic (arial?) CN style. The "3" is a dead giveaway but you can also compare the "6" between 2676 and 2663 and see the difference.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Tyler, thanks for your comment. I've been seeing that same thing more and more. I think it has to do with service of some units being done in the US vs. Canada, or perhaps outsourced servicing done by GE or EMD instead of the railways. You see some units that were repainted in the US come to Canada with subtle differences like these.

Zartok-35 said...

Heh heh, dirty pig.

Isn't the BCRail unit also a Dash-9?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Right you are, BCOL 4645 is a Dash-9, not a Dash-8.