Friday, March 02, 2012

Recent VIA Trains

Here are two VIA trains that I haven't blogged about.

First up is VIA 1 on February 13th. I shot this one from the overpass by mile 10 of the Rivers sub. I wanted to get some height but I'm not happy about the pole line in the foreground.
VIA 6412 in Winnipeg

I'm also not happy about the tilt in this video. I had checked it briefly but obviously not well enough. Do listen to the end of the video to hear the crew call the signal and the hotbox detector.

I already mentioned the VIA 1 from February 23. The next was on March 1!
VIA 6442 in Winnipeg

After a friendly wave from the left-side engineer, they headed off into the... cloudy gloom.
Canadian in Winnipeg

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