Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Saint John Potash Derailment

Potash derailment. Photo by Ron Grant.
 CN derailed some potash cars in Saint John early Tuesday morning. CN 594 was working the Courtenay Bay potash yard and several potash cars went on the ground around 1 AM. Four cars went over on their sides and eight others appeared to be derailed upright. No one was hurt.

Derailed cars and "spare parts". Photo by Ron Grant.

Potash derailment. Photo by Ron Grant.
The derailment happened behind Coastal Tire on Crown Street. CN 5756, CN 2660 and CN 5795 were on the potash terminal end of the train and were therefore trapped by the derailment.
CN 5756 and the rest of CN train 594 stuck behind the derailment. Photo by Ron Grant.

The NB Southern wreck crew was on site by 11:30 AM and CBC reports that by 4 PM six of the eight derailed cars were back on the rails. The spilled potash was being removed at 7 PM and the track is expected to re-open by mid-afternoon on Wednesday.
Repairing the damage. Photo by Ron Grant.
Thanks to the gang at RailsNB for all the news and to Ron Grant for providing the pictures.

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