Monday, May 07, 2012

Irving Oil Tank Cars

Irving Oil Tank Car, photo by Steve Boyko
Like many oil / chemical companies, Irving leases tank cars. They used to put their logo on the tank cars, but like most companies they don't do that any more.

Taylor asked me if I had ever seen any of the Irving Oil tank cars. I never saw them in Saint John, or at least I was unaware of them. However, I did see one.

I was traveling with my future wife between Regina and Winnipeg when we came across the above tank car on a train. We were overtaking the train and fortunately I was not driving, so I was able to take some shots with my film camera. This is the only one I took of the Irving Oil tank car.

I did some searching and all I could come up with was this model tank car from the South Shore Model Railway Club. I honestly don't know if CGTX 68020 ever looked like this.

Anyone out there have any photos to share?

PS see also Taylor's post!

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Unknown said...

Thanks again Steve. I came across that same model car too, however it is the "new" logo. It would seem that a very similar car was on the last train to leave PEI in 1989.