Sunday, November 02, 2014

A Short CEMR Chase

I haven't posted much about CEMR (the Central Manitoba Railway) for some time. I've seen them parked at Carman Junction quite a few times but it's hard to catch them on the road. There's only so many times you can photograph the same engines in the exact same location!
Same old location

Of course, that "so many" can be pretty large, according to my wife.

Last Thursday the kids and I were driving south on the Perimeter Highway near sunset when I saw a long CEMR grain train just leaving Oak Bluff. We had some time so I figured this was a great opportunity to shoot CEMR passing the Sanford grain elevator. We took the exit and headed south toward Sanford. It became quickly apparent that the CEMR train was not going terribly fast so it was easy to get to Sanford ahead of them. Way ahead of them.

Ready for business at Sanford

The newly repaired elevator was looking nice in the setting sun. I decided I would try taking some video with my iPhone 6 as well as photographs with my Canon. I propped the iPhone in my camera bag like so:
Impromptu Tripod

Do you like my iPhone case? It's my own photo.

I waited... and waited... and waited. It was zero degrees Celsius with a brisk wind blowing, and it was cold. I ducked into the car now and then but I didn't want to linger in the car too long for fear of missing the train. The sun crept closer and closer to the horizon...

Finally I heard a distant horn blowing. Show time! I stood near the crossing and saw the headlights come around the bend, then sprinted to my iPhone to turn the video on. But... the phone was dead. Apparently the battery had succumbed to the cold! sadness

OK, photo time. Here it is passing the grain elevator.
I think I can, I think I can

That single SD40-2 was hauling a 100-car (empty) grain train by itself. Impressive!

I jumped in the car and drove ahead a bit to catch this sunset photo before we had to go.

PS I am currently selecting the photos for a 2015 train calendar and a 2015 grain elevator calendar, coming very soon. It's difficult to choose!

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