Friday, November 21, 2014

Facebook Groups to Watch

Several years ago, the best way to keep informed of rail happenings was to subscribe to email lists. Those lists are still around, but a lot of the traffic has moved to Facebook groups. I think there are a few reasons for this:

  1. More people are on Facebook now, especially older railfans
  2. You can share photos easily
  3. Mobile access to Facebook is easy so you're informed quickly
  4. They are very interactive and anyone can post
I'm a member of a number of Facebook rail-related groups and I wanted to share those with you.

  • RailsNB covers New Brunswick and is very active with almost 500 members.
  • RailsMBSK covers the Manitoba-Saskatchewan scene and has become very useful to me and other Prairie railfans.
  • RailsAB for the Alberta scene was recently created and is growing quickly.
  • AtlanticRails (covering the Atlantic provinces) is not quite as active but sees pretty good traffic.
  • Vanishing Sentinels covers the Canadian grain elevator scene and has some great 'vator photos. The dean of Canadian elevators, Jim A Pearson, is frequently present and in fact this group was originally to support his web site.
  • The Canadian HO Yard Sale is a great venue to buy/sell model train equipment in Canada.
These are the ones I follow. There are many, many others that are on Facebook that you could follow. I tend to prefer the more focused groups over generic groups like "All Railroad Photos" but your tastes may vary.

Anyone can start a Facebook group. I started RailsMBSK and cofounded RailsAB.

I hope these groups (or others) prove useful to you. If you like other Facebook rail groups that I haven't listed, please comment and link to them so I and others can have a look at them!

PS - I'd be remiss if I didn't plug my own Facebook site, Traingeek Images. It's up to 130 subscribers and growing. I post a photo a day and sometimes a couple. Please consider "liking" it. Thanks!


Unknown said...

The only one I'd add is Canadian Railway Modellers.

It seems to be a good page with posts of recent models that people are actually building at this time, and not full of old photos of modules/equipment that were built decades ago like some other pages.

Eric said...

Darn it, Steve, you got me! I'm the world's newest Facebook subscriber! Now to find some friends - hey, you might decide to be my first! Hopefully not the last.

Seriously, I've noted some stagnation on Yahoogroups lately. I sensed some migration to Facebook, and checking it out, I see several very familiar names there.

So, thanks for pointing these groups out. One thing that has always frustrated me a bit is finding blogs/groups months later and having to catch up. It's great to have some groups highlighted - consider it a public service!

Captcha number this time is 151 - a familiar Turbo power unit!


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Taylor! I've joined that group in FB.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hah, Eric, resistance is futile! Welcome to Facebook.

Eric said...

I've been assimilated, Steve! Thanks for the welcome.

Eric said...

I've been assimilated, Steve. Thanks for the welcome!

Captcha is 102 = ex-IC E-unit!