Friday, October 13, 2006

A Rainy Day

I went to Saint John yesterday, in the driving rain, and still managed to see some trains. A dedicated railfan doesn't let weather get him down!

In Welsford on the way down I heard a little chatter on the scanner. Some kid said, "Hello?" and an adult responded, "Hello?" It went back and forth for a minute until the adult told another adult that they were probably picking up a baby monitor or something. It seemed odd to me that they were coming in really clear, yet the eastbound freight was hours away from passing through Welsford. More later.

At 11:25 there was some action at the NB Southern Dever Road yard. NBSR 3702 and 3703 were shunting the east end of the yard, while CN 7068 was shunting the west end. 7068 was shunting four NB Southern log cars, one of which was loaded with track pieces.

Looks like model railroad track.

At 11:50 there was no action at the Island Yard. CN 5695, 2569 and 5518 were by the shop.

Later, at 13:00 I heard 305 calling the NB Southern yard master to tell them they were returning to the yard. I saw them across the Courtenay Bay causeway, bringing empty potash cars away from the terminal. I caught them going through the wye on their way to Island Yard, with 34 empty potash cars.

I did mention it was raining, didn't I?

I got lunch and sat watching the Island Yard. I noticed CN 7010 and NBSR 3701 on different tracks at the shop. I couldn't get a decent shot of 3701 due to all the clutter in the way. Soon 7010 got a call to go rescue the local at the drydock spur. I imagine with the rain it wasn't able to bring the loads back to the yard. It headed out just as 305 was getting its TOP at 1345 to go to mile 22.

The local had CN 7015 on it.

I thought about going to see 7010 and 7015, until I heard someone ask where the passenger train was. Passenger train? In this weather?

Sure enough, I saw it ascending the Mill Street grade as I raced to the Reversing Falls bridge. I set up on the west end of the bridge and got it backing across.

Consist: 5471, 5448, 5537, 422990, 2318

I saw it again entering the Dever Road yard and took some roster shots.

The passenger train was empty, so it must have ran in the morning. That was what I heard in Welsford - the passenger train. I had no idea.

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Dude, those trains are cool ^^