Friday, July 20, 2007

How to Film From Too Close to the Tracks

This is TOO CLOSE. Take some steps back. Your camera has a zoom lens - use it for your own safety.

Read the comments on the video:

  • "Grâce à des imbéciles comme toi, les VRAIS amateurs de train se font détester par les équipes de trains!" (Thanks to imbeciles like you, TRUE train amateurs are hated by train crews!)

  • "Tu n'es qu'un imbecile pour filmer les trains de si pres et en plus la qualite est degeux!" (You are an imbecile to film the trains so close and the quality is poor!)

  • "Should film the trains right at the corner. Can stand farther back for a better view"

Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Holy shakey camera, Batman.

It's not just standing too close to the tracks... many train watching videos I see, it's obvious the camera operator does not know how to properly use the zoom. We'll have a shot of a locomotive - it gets out of frame - then WHOA this fast zoom back - locomotive again moves out of frame - WHOA another fast zoom back - then QUICK PAN to capture locomotive movement as the train goes by.

The camera isn't bolted down! You CAN pan towards the locomotive instead of a holy-crap quick zoomout!

Sorry for the rant but I do have a diploma in videography.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I don't have any formal training in videography but I know that much. :)

Slow and steady is the way to do these. Keep the jerky pans and zooms for MuchMusic videos.