Thursday, July 26, 2007

A very late trip report

Since it was such a nice day Sunday (July 22), I decided to take my two youngest kids down to Saint John to see some trains and do a few other things.

We rolled into Saint John around 12:45 and went by the Dever Road yard first. The CP inspection train was down in front of the shops, as were four GP38s.

Over to Island Yard, we found CN 7010 doing some shunting. I discovered CN 305's power bringing the empty potash cars back from the Courtenay Bay terminal at 13:15, and watched CN 5660, 5550 and 5527 pull the empties down beside Rothesay Avenue, then push them back into the yard.

I heard someone on the NBSR channel tell 305 they were "in the clear", so I went looking for an NB Southern train but didn't find one. I stopped at the Dever Road yard to take some photos from the overpass, then headed back. I heard 305 getting a highball from the carman just before 14:00, and I assumed they already had a clearance from the RTC and were heading to Moncton. I beat it down highway 1, intending to get them somewhere just outside Saint John. Then I heard "famous CN 305" call the RTC to get their clearance, so I knew they must have pulled up to Coldbrook for a Tim's stop. I set up almost at the end of Rothesay Avenue to wait.

CN 305 rolled by at 14:07 with 5660, 5550 and 5527 pulling a 94-car train (44 potash, 7 boxcars, 24 tanks, 2 boxcars, 6 tanks, 8 empty CN woodchip cars, 3 boxcars). My toddler son gave them a rollby inspection but my daughter was distracted by a bee. Nice friendly wave from the conductor!

After that, we did a few family things before getting ready to leave Saint John. At 15:30 we noted CN 7000 and 7060 pulling a longish local into Island Yard from the refinery/Irving Paper area with 14 tanks and 13 boxcars. By this time 7010 was idle by the shops

At 15:50 NBSR 9803, 9802 and 9801 were together, shunting the west end of the Dever Road yard. The road power was still at the shops, so we decided to head back to Fredericton.

Not a bad day at all.

Dave Dineen shot 9803,2,1 on the same day crossing the Reversing Falls Bridge. Here's his video.

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