Friday, July 27, 2007

More YouTube goodness

I'm beginning to think I should have a separate blog just to highlight the many great YouTube videos from other people! What do you think?

New YouTuber uploader duneadam has a short clip of NBSR 9801, 9802 and 9803 at the Irving Pulp Mill at Reversing Falls on the same day I was in Saint John.

Here's JamminJoel with a video of CN 7079 and 7010 pushing a local train up the east Saint John line to Irving Paper / the refinery and so forth.

Another local, this time with green NBSR 2612 and yellow NBSR 2317 taking a train from Island Yard over to Dever Road on April 28, 2007 at about 15:30.

One more from JamminJoel, this one at Nauwigewauk, NB, also from April 28. Where the heck is Nauwigewauk??? Near Hampton, I see. Follow the link before here for a Google Map view of where the video appears to have been shot.

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