Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Canadian Pacific RS23 Photos

A fellow named Joe sent me a photo his mother took in Saint John in late February or early march 1994. I think it is very interesting.

I reduced the size somewhat to fit on the screen.

The top units are (L-R) 8041, 8023, and I think 8027. The bottom units are (L-R) 8045 and 8046?.

Note the C.A.R. label on 8023, the only unit to wear the label as far as I know. Also notice the CP multimark on two of the units.

I think both photos were taken at Bayshore or the Port of Saint John, based on the shoreline in the background.

Nice to see these units from the past. Many of the RS23s were scrapped by the Windsor & Hantsport last year.

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