Monday, May 18, 2009

Campbellton's Other Railway

In a railfan's mind, Campbellton is known for the CN line that runs through it, and especially for the Eastern Railway Services shop that (for the next week or so) services locomotives and rolling stock for the former New Brunswick East Coast Railway. But did you know there is another railway in Campbellton?

That's right, I'm talking about the Campbellton Railway. It is/was a narrow-gauge line running along the Bay of Chaleur. The track runs beside Salmon Boulevard from Ramsay Street around to terminate in a field near Riverview Drive. Presumably this line was built to give tourists a little ride along the waterfront.

For rolling stock, it appears there is one engine ("steam", but actually powered by an internal combustion engine), the caboose pictured, and a passenger car down by Ramsay Street.

It is clear that this has not run for a long time. Does anyone know the history of the line and when, if ever, it operated?

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