Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Ocean in Quebec

On Saturday, after hearing that the Ocean was over three hours late due to an electrical fire in Montreal, we decided to head to Amqui, Quebec to get her there. Of course it was raining, but we made the best of it. VIA 14 eventually rolled up to the station at 07:38 Eastern, over 3.5 hours late.

The consist was VIA 6431, 6440, 6425, 8609, 8124, 8507, BIENVILLE, RICHELIEU, 7009, 7220, 7108, 7316, 7402, 7308, 7518, 7517, 7509, 7311, 7516, 7504. The 6425 and the next five cars became the Chaleur at Matapedia.

We booted it to Causapscal next, where the bridge was damaged last September after CFMG derailed there. I shot video, so this is David Morris' shot at 08:08:

The next spot was a real treat. It was just past Routhierville, and we shot from the highway bridge across the river at 08:21. I shot video but I had a chance to take a few photos and I love how they turned out.

Our next shot was at a place David calls Glen Emma, and I shot video there.

For Matapedia, I decided to head up the steep path to the bluff overlooking Matapedia to get some overhead shots. It's quite a hike and you definitely need to be moderately fit to make the climb. I shot video of the Ocean arriving but then took a bunch of stills. Here's the full train at the station.

They pulled the three engines and the first five cars off the Ocean and ran up to the bridge, then backed down past the station to the other end of the yard. David was up by the bridge supervising.

They then cut off 6425 and the five cars and ran them up the other side of the engine to become the Chaleur. 6431 and 6440 ran back up to the bridge and then backed onto the Ocean consist.

I headed down the hill, and just as I reached the ground I heard two toots as the Chaleur headed out. I ran to the car and we gave chase.

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