Friday, May 01, 2009

NB Southern in Saint John Thursday

I had a quick trip to Saint John on Thursday morning. Here are my sightings.

At 07:45 the Dever Road yard was pretty quiet and empty. I saw GP9 NBSR 3701, caboose NBSR 422990, and the three passenger cars near the shops.
NB Southern Railway Passenger Train

At 09:45 NBSR 2610 and 2612 were shunting the west end of Island Yard, getting the transfer train ready to head to Dever Road.
NBSR 2610 and 2612 in Saint John

About half an hour after that, on my way out I saw NBSR 3702 switching the west end of the Dever Road yard by itself. By then 2612 and 2610 had reached Dever Road and were shut down by the shops.

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