Thursday, May 07, 2009

RS18s in Campbellton

On Monday night I had the opportunity to tour the Campbellton yard. With permission, of course! NBEC 1819 was in the shop track, having received a new head. It was being readied for its new career.
NBEC 1819, Campbellton

Outside, NBEC 1845 was resting in the yard. 1845 is operational and is currently used as the shop switcher.

There are three dead RS18s around the yard, 1809, 1830 and 1855.

There were a few MOW (Maintenance Of Way) pieces around the yard. Plow NBEC 55420 was the only one left, since its sister 55419 went to the Bay.

Two cars are waiting for the scrapper. The plaque on Jordan Spreader 50955 reads "JORDAN SPREADER O.F. JORDAN CO. EAST CHICAGO INDIANA PATENTED OTHER PATENTS PENDING".

Rare flanger NBEC 56201 is also destined for the scrapper. Yes, it's a flanger, not a caboose.

A quick hat tip to CJF - it was very nice to meet you. Thanks to all the Eastern Railway Services people for your hospitality! I wish you all the best of luck.

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