Sunday, February 21, 2010

Across the Floodway

CN 2549 leading train 346
I had about an hour to railfan yesterday, so I decided to head over to Symington Yard to see what was happening. There was one set of GP38s and slugs working the hump yard, but when I saw a train heading out on the Sprague subdivision, I knew I had to chase it.

I have wanted to shoot a train going over the Red River Floodway for some time now. The CN bridge on the Sprague subdivision is pretty impressive and of course all scenes are improved with a train in them.

I drove across the Floodway and took the next road off, which leads to some kind of construction business. I parked off the road and headed out into the brush with tripod and cameras. The snow isn't too deep, and only came up to my knees in a few places. After a bit I found a place where some ATVs have been running and it made the going easier. I set up and waited for CN 346 to arrive.

This train had some old power on it, with Dash-9 CN 2549 and two Dash-8s, CN 2415 and CN 2451. And a nice wave from the conductor!

I'd like to go back there in the summer and try to get a bit closer to the bridge next time. I think it will make a nice shot with some sun.

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