Saturday, February 27, 2010

VIA 15 Derailment Photos

Bernard Babin very kindly gave permission for me to post these photos of the VIA 15 derailment site. He and his friends went to the site a few hours after the derailment and took some photos in the falling snow.

Derailment scene. Photo by Bernard Babin
Workers at the scene of the derailment.

VIA 6400 on her side. Photo by Bernard Babin
VIA 6400 on her side. 6400 was the lead engine of the train. Note the ladder propped against the nose, probably to help the crew get out of the cab.

VIA Skyline car after derailment. Photo by Bernard Babin
The Skyline car and the coach were still upright after the derailment. Note the destruction to the house on the right, as well as the downed power lines.

VIA 8620 derailed. Photo by Bernard Babin
The junction of VIA 8620 and 8140. It's amazing that they stayed coupled together.

The train had the following consist: engines 6400 and 6457; baggage 8620; coach 8140; Skyline 8507; diner 8401 Acadian; and sleepers 8225 Chateau Rouville, 8211 Chateau Laselle, 8222 Chateau Richelieu.

The line was reopened the same day, around 6 PM local time.

Bernard and friends host the Trains en Gaspésie web site. Check it out!


Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

I'm producing a feature film that is set right after WWII in Siberia. Do you know of any running trains that look like a passenger train from that era in Russia? Ideally the train would be located in the US or Canada, in an area that resembles Siberia. Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Vanessa! I will see what I can find out.