Monday, February 22, 2010

A Visit to the CP Winnipeg Yards

I had a couple of hours to kill Sunday afternoon (Feb 21). Of course my mind turned to railfanning. I decided to go see what was up in CP's yards downtown, since I see a lot more CN in my travels than CP.

I first went to see the shops, visible from the field off Gallagher Street off Logan Avenue. There were quite a few locomotives there, but the most notable was old SW1200 CP 1251. I didn't see much of it as it was behind the CP 1127-3027 set. Olympic CP 8864 was there as well.

While I was watching, a switching crew brought old friend CP 5756 and a string of freight cars past.

Soon enough, a container train rolled in from the north side of the yard with CP 9566, CP 9592, and shiny blue CEFX 3184 (an ex-BN SD40-2) for power. I had a good look at them before CP 5756 came back with their cars to block the view.

After that, I drove over to the Arlington Street bridge and took a walk on the east side to shoot some of the power at the fuel stand. There were a few pairs of switchers working the yard, including a few SOO units - sadly repainted to CP red. I like the white SOO scheme.

Of course, the usual crowd of pigeons was around. Strange to see them on autoracks... normally they are on the grain cars.
Pigeons on freight cars

A couple of switcher pairs rolled under the bridge and I scrambled to shoot them. I haven't processed that video yet but they will be up on my YouTube account soon.

As always, you can go to my railway database to see the complete list of engines I saw on Sunday.

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