Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gaspe Trains in 1983

David Morris shot a few trains along the Gaspe peninsula back in 1983. Here are three of his photos.

The first shows a CN RS-18 leading train 118 at Carleton, Quebec on March 6, 1983.
CN 3663 at Carleton. Photo by David Morris
The train had this consist:
CN 3663 (RS-18)
VIA 15422 (steam generator car)
VIA 9622 (baggage)
VIA 5718 (Dayniter)
VIA 3236 (coach with snack bar)
VIA 5490 (coach)

The second photo shows VIA train 622 at the Cascapedia station on May 28, 1983.
VIA RDC 6218 at Cascapedia station
The train had two RDCs, VIA 6218 (RDC-2) and VIA 6118 (RDC-1). Cascapedia was a flag stop at this point in time.

At the time, trains 118/119 and 621/622 were Matapedia-Gaspe trains, while the Chaleur (16/17) ran between Montreal and Gaspe.

The final photo shows an extra train on the bridge at Cascapedia, Quebec on May 29, 1983. This would not be far from the previous photo.
VIA 6530 at Cascapedia, Quebec by David Morris
Note the white flags on the engine (signifying an extra), and the two-level bridge. Vehicles used to drive under the trains on this bridge. When I visited Cascapedia there was another, newer bridge for vehicles.

This train had the following consist:
VIA 6530 (GMD FP9A)
VIA 9477 (baggage-dormitory)
VIA 9628 (baggage)
VIA 5584 (coach)
VIA 5653 (coach)
VIA 3034 (cafe-lounge)

I believe this was the former train 119, returning to Matapedia. Trains 118/119 do not show in the May 29, 1983 VIA timetable so I think David must have shot the last train 118 on the Gaspe.

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