Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on CN 6765

I have written before about CN/VIA 6765, because I have a number board from her. Eric Gagnon of the fantastic blog Trackside Treasure sent along the times he saw that unit, as well as two pictures he kindly shared with me (and now you).

Eric first saw the unit on July 18, 1976 on an eastbound passenger train. At that time it was in red and white CN colours. Here's one of Eric's shots from July 24, 1976 just east of Napanee, Ontario on train 44.
CN 6765 near Napanee, photo by Eric Gagnon
He saw it a few more times, the last on September 11, 1976. At that point it must have been repainted to the blue and gold VIA colours, because the next time he saw it on December 19, 1976 it was in the VIA livery.

He saw it in and around Kingston, Ontario many times in the next few years. Here's a shot at the Kingston station with CN 6618 and CN 6530 (all in VIA colours) on March 24, 1977.
VIA 6765 at Kingston, Ontario. Photo by Eric Gagnon

It was on the Canadian several times in 1982, 1983 and 1984. The last time Eric saw it was on August 29, 1986 on an evening eastbound train.

Thanks for the information and photos, Eric. Make sure you go read his blog - it is my favourite train blog.


Eric said...

Hi Steve, in the interest of full disclosure and intellectual property rights, the photos were not taken by me, even though I was present when they were. With good reason, I wasn't entrusted with the camera at that age. So they are more likely taken by my brother and my dad, two other prolific photographers and railfans.

Anyway, glad you liked the photos and that they add to your interest in this preserved unit. Thanks for your kind comments about Trackside Treasure.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Duly noted!