Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Train Show Sightings

I went to the Winnipeg model train show this past Saturday (Oct 14) with my youngest son. Of course, I arranged my route to the show to pass by some railway tracks...

Not much was going on at Symington, so we carried on down Marion and Archibald streets. As I passed Plinguet Street (home of the GWWD railway) I saw the crossing lights come on. A quick U-turn brought me back to see a CP train getting ready to head out of Winnipeg.
CP 9731 in Winnipeg
AC4400 CP 9731, dual flag SD40 CP 6061, and GP38 SOO 4426 were heading up a general freight train. As you can see, I was on the wrong side of the sun, but there was no time to relocate.
SOO 4426
I love the white SOO units.

The train show was good. My son and I enjoyed ourselves and I took photos and video.

We retraced our steps, and as I drove by the GWWD I saw an eastbound CN freight on the High Line coming out of downtown. I zipped ahead to the Panet Road crossing and shot them there.
CN 5639 in Winnipeg
SD75s are nice, but I really liked the Dash-8 CN 2437 trailing. For some reason I find myself liking the "older" power.
CN 2437 in Winnipeg
It was about time to head home. We passed Symington Yard again, and as I got onto the Perimeter Highway I spotted a train coming from the Sprague subdivision. I quickly exited the highway and came around to shoot it by Tinkertown.
CN 2284 by Tinkertown
I like this shot a lot.

That was really the end of train chasing for the day!

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