Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lafarge Winnipeg

Lafarge switch engine in Winnipeg

My family and I went to the excellent Fort Whyte Alive centre to walk and see the wildlife. While we were walking over boardwalks and past marshes, my wife spotted some train cars in the distance. Fort Whyte is adjacent to the Lafarge cement plant and there was an industrial switch engine there too.

This pretty little engine is a GE 50-ton engine, built in October 1954.

The Lafarge facility is served by both CN and CP. It is at mile 7.4 of the CP La Riviere subdivision and is also on a spur from mile 5.0 of the CN Rivers subdivision.

Map of Lafarge
As you can see, Lafarge has quite a few rails.


Unknown said...

Cool picture of the 50 tonner.

How often do you see trains on the Fort Whyte Spur? I hardly see any, except yesterday when I was able to record the rear of a train on the Spur at Wilkes.

Steve Boyko said...

What do you mean by the Fort Whyte Spur? I often see CP working the area, visible from Costco and area.

Unknown said...

The CN spur that goes to Fort Whyte to serve Lafarge, referenced on crossbucks as, "TRACK WE01 CANADA CEMENT LEAD".

It starts near mile 5 of the Rivers Sub, as referenced in your post above.

MapQuest references it as "CN Fort Whyte Spur", although it may be inaccurate.

Steve Boyko said...

Oh, OK, the CN side. CN and CP both serve the area, CN from that spur and CP from the La Riviere sub. I see a CN Geep and slug there now and then, but less frequently than CP. CN serves the cement plant by IKEA but I don't think they serve the one by Costco currently.

Unknown said...

I've seen 7221 and 7214 with a slug there near Ikea, often during the 6-8 PM range.

Unknown said...

I have evidence that CN does currently serve the Cement Plant at Fort Whyte.

Plus I also have some pictures.