Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Recent Trains

I just posted about some VIA trains I saw in May. Here's a grab bag of some other trains I saw in May.

Hmmm, let's see. I spent a bit of time at CN Subway on May 2 and I saw CN 199 heading west, with CN 2601 and CN 2298.
CN 2601 in Winnipeg

On May 5 I saw the usual BNSF transfer, still with BNSF 2756.
BNSF 2756 in Winnipeg
BNSF 2756 has been here for four and a half months... almost a record for BNSF in the past couple of years since long-time resident BNSF 1685 left.

Scoot ahead to May 26. I saw CN 106 in the afternoon around mile 9 of CN's Rivers subdivision. This was a grab shot.
CN 2279 in Winnipeg

Anyway, the interesting unit is the second one, SD70 IC 1004.
Illinois Central IC 1004 in Winnipeg

A few minutes later, I saw CEMR switching at Oak Bluff. CEMR 4000 and CCGX 5232 were doing the honours. This was a long telephoto shot, as you can see.
CEMR switching at Oak Bluff
Note that CCGX 5232 used to be ANY 5232 (Athabasca Northern).

I mentioned I was in Portage la Prairie this past Saturday. There was a CP train doing some switching in the yard there by the old CP station. SD90 CP 9135 and faded SD40 CP 6040 were putting a grain train together.
CP 9135 in Portage la Prairie
Local switcher engine CP 3021 is locked away in its cage in the background.

When I was leaving Portage on the 28th, I saw a CP train heading east through the town. I got ahead of it on the east side of Portage and ended up shooting it at High Bluff in the rain.

I was leaning against the utility box (on the far side from the tracks) to keep steady and try to keep out of the rain.

There... now you're up to date.

PS Happy Glorious First of June!


Eric said...

Nice shots, Steve. Sometimes it seems the only shots I get are grab shots.

Your Portage photo reminded me of that 'Then and Now' post I've mentioned before. Linking some of your shots with some I took, on Trackside Treasure. I've also seem some nice shots online taken by Paul Sincerny that would fit in to such a post.

The Portage switcher looks very sad locked in its cage.

CP is haulin' around a lot of empties on that train at High Bluff. The poor shareholders...

Oh, and Go Jets Go!

Canadian Train Geek said...

I feel bad for the Portage switcher, only let out when it's needed. Poor thing can't run and play!

I am jealous of Paul Sincerny and his photos!