Thursday, June 30, 2011


My son and I made a quick visit to the McPhillips Athletic Grounds just south of the CP Winnipeg shops on June 25. From there you can view the shops, provided there aren't any trains in the way. Unfortunately there were trains in the way, so I didn't get great shots. I did log the 23 locomotives I saw there.

CP 1553 and CP 5863 were shunting. I've seen GP9 1553 before, but SD40-2 CP 5863 was new to me. SD40-2 units are still fairly common on CP, but what makes 5863 interesting is that it is one of the only two CP units remaining with a full size multimark.
CP 5863 in Winnipeg

Other interesting units were CP/SOO 6023 (in white) and "red barn" SD40-2F CP 9002. I saw leased CEFX 3125 moving around, and there was another (bigger) leased unit there but I could not get the number.

I did see some interesting graffiti on NAHX 57283.
NAHX 57283 graffiti

I'm torn about graffiti on train cars. Obviously I think it's wrong because it's vandalism. However, some graffiti is very artistic and I think this is a good example of that. These days it is hard to find a train car without some form of graffiti on it.

How you feel about graffiti on train cars?


Lawrie said...


While I agree that some of it is quite talented, you are right that it is someone else's property, and unfortunately, for every design showing promise, there's another that's a crude word that your family gets to watch roll by.


P.S. I didn't ask...did you get my pictures?

Unknown said...

I saw CP 5863 in Winnipeg Yard today.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Cool... I didn't see it a few days ago when I was there.

Unknown said...

It, and CP 6000 were doing some shunting. If you want, I have a video of it, taken from Route 62.