Saturday, February 04, 2012

EMD London Shut Down

CN 8884 in Winnipeg
One of EMD's fine products, an SD70M-2 outside Winnipeg.

You may remember that Caterpillar locked its London, Ontario workers out of the EMD locomotive plant after they refused the "last" contract offer. Caterpillar has now decided to shut the plant down and cease production of locomotives at the London, Ontario plant, and move production to their Muncie, Indiana plant.

It is probably no coincidence that Indiana just passed a right-to-work law essentially bypassing unions. It is now unlikely that a union will form at the Muncie plant.

The former workers continue to picket the plant.

EDIT: Local Mark's Work Warehouse stores pulled CAT boots from the shelves in support of the ex-EMD workers, and the Canadian Auto Workers union is talking about occupying the plant.

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