Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saint Valentine's Train

`CN 2626 nearing Winnipeg

On Valentine's Day I caught one train out near Diamond in mid afternoon. Here's the story, in pictures. First I shot CN 2626 at a distance as they approached. There was a CN maintenance crew out and about in two hi-rail pickups as well as a Pettibone vehicle. Here the train passes the second pickup.
CN 2626 and pickup truck

As the train passed, I took a panning shot of CN 2626. CN 8811 was the second unit on this long train.
Pan shot of CN 2626

I amused myself by taking some more pan shots. Here's a Golden West Service boxcar behind an old Union Pacific boxcar. I believe Golden West Service was a boxcar service sponsored by Southern Pacific and a few major shippers.
Golden West Service

The train passed my location, and I saw a Pettibone vehicle coming my way on the north track, carrying a freshly-cut piece of rail. I'm pretty sure it was a Pettibone Speed Swing.
Pettibone and Train

Here's a close look at CN 438-01. "NO RIDERS" indeed.
Pettibone vehicle

The vehicle stopped a few times, I think to drop and/or pick up rail, and each time it puffed out some smoke when it started up again.
Pettibone vehicle

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

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