Friday, February 10, 2012

January 3

I'm way behind in posting this, but better late than never, right? Right?

On January 3 I went to St. James Junction in Winnipeg to try to shoot the Hudson Bay, er, I mean VIA's "Winnipeg-Churchill train" VIA 693. What a dull name!

There were two other railfans there already, VanBilly and another gentleman whose name I never got. Nothing much was going on so we chatted for a bit. Soon the CEMR train came along, heading west toward their Carman subdivision. CEMR 4002 and CCGX 5232 were the power.
CEMR 4002 in Winnipeg

Here's VanBilly's video.

Soon after that, the BNSF transfer train came back from Fort Rouge. New-to-Winnipeg engine BNSF 2968 was on the point.
BNSF 2968 in Winnipeg

Here's VanBilly's video of the same train. I think you might see my shadow in the shot at one point.

Right after that, a CN freight came rolling east. I think it was CN 404 but I could be wrong. It had an interesting consist on the front end. CN 8892 was the lead unit, a fairly boring SD70M-2, very common these days.
CN 8892 in Winnipeg

There was a bit of an editorial comment on the frame of CN 8892...
Editorial comment about CN

The second unit was one of my favourites, an SD60, CN 5526, in "sergeant stripes".
CN 5526 in Winnipeg

The real catch was the third unit, an SD40, CN 6008, in CN North America livery!
CN 6008 in Winnipeg

I had to leave after that, so I never did see the Hudson Bay. I don't know why they were so late!

EDIT: Added VanBilly1's videos.

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