Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet Me In The Middle of the Day

Meet me in the middle of the day
Let me hear you say, everything's okay
Bring me southern kisses from your room
Meet me in the middle of the night
Let me hear you say, everything's all right
Let me smell the moon in your perfume
  -- Romeo's Tune, Steve Forbert

Here's a meet that occurred in the middle of the (Thurs)day. I went out to shoot the Canadian and when I arrived there, I saw that a freight was approaching from the west. I set up my video camera and then shot a few photos of CN 106 approaching.

The engine is on top of Kenaston Boulevard / Route 90. Note my gloves and my scanner lying in the snow. I have to figure out a way to hang the scanner from the tripod.

They passed me on the north track and then slowed down and finally stopped.

I waited and was rewarded with the sight of VIA 1 in the distance through the blowing snow.
VIA 6431 in Winnipeg

Another friendly VIA crew!

Here's a long shot as they went away. I'm really liking my Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS lens. It's much better than the Canon 75-300mm - well worth the extra hundred bucks.
VIA Canadian in Winnipeg

After VIA passed, CN 106 started up again. I amused myself by taking this pan shot of CN 2252, the only DPU engine on the train. I liked how the snow went all streaky.

That was it for the noon meet... but I witnessed another meet later in the day. Next post!


Eric said...


Reminds me of that Diamond Rio song "Meet in the middle"

You start walkin' your way,
I'll start walkin' mine,
We meet in the middle,
'Neath that old Georgia pine..."

Good to see you're feeling better and can get out to share some railfanning with us.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks Eric! I've always liked "Romeo's Tune" but I'm not familiar with the Diamond Rio song. I'll have to check it out. Thanks, I am feeling a bit better. :)