Sunday, February 05, 2012

Recent Shots

Here's a few recent shots.

First, a long distance shot of two CP switchers working the Spectra Energy plant at the Perimeter Highway on January 26.
CP 6023 in Winnipeg

I believe that location is part of the Natural Gas Liquids pipeline that brings propane (and perhaps other liquids) from the Burstall, SK production facility to various points in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The product is loaded into railcars and trucks for distribution. The facility is on CP's La Riviere subdivision around mile 12.

Moving on, here's an eastbound train west of Winnipeg on January 31. CN 2632 approaches the curve just west of Diamond outside Winnipeg.
CN 2632 near Winnipeg, MB

The crew of the train looked curiously at me as they rounded the bend.
CN 2632 near Winnipeg, MB

I hopped into my car after the head end passed and caught up with them before mile 10. They had crossed over from the south to the north track at Diamond and that slowed them down enough for me to pass them. Here they are just east of mile 10.
CN 2632 near Winnipeg, MB

It's nice to see those red, white and blue BC Rail units still around!

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