Saturday, June 16, 2012

CN Meets VIA

This past Thursday I went out to shoot the Canadian, something I haven't done for what seems like a month! I parked at St. James Junction and waited. I set up my Canon S3 on the tripod to shoot video, only to find that its batteries were dead. sigh

While I was waiting, I heard the detector at mile 10 go off, so I knew something was coming from that direction. After a bit longer, I saw headlights to the west. It turned out to be CN 2525 and CN 2602 leading a shortish general freight train on the south track. Right after that, I saw VIA 1's lights come around the corner at Portage Junction to the east. I was quite concerned that I would get skunked by the freight train.

First things first, shoot the freight.
CN 2525 in Winnipeg

As VIA approached, it looked like they were slowing down. I was hoping they would have to stop short of the junction to change tracks after the freight went by. Here's the two trains approaching the meet.
CN meets VIA

My hopes of a VIA stop were unfounded. The Canadian rolled right on by, shielded from my view by the freight train. This was basically my view of VIA 1 passing.
Skunked in Winnipeg

I did take a couple of long-range shots of the Canadian going away, after the freight train got out of the way.
VIA Rail's Canadian leaving Winnipeg

I knew there was no point in trying to chase the Canadian as it was very unlikely I would catch up to it. Oh well, you can't win them all.

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