Tuesday, June 19, 2012


CN 7044 and CN 1435 in Winnipeg
It's been a while since I've seen a GMD1. I stumbled across this pair working the local industries just north of Symington Yard here in Winnipeg.

CN 7044 and CN 1435 were just north of Canada Gypsum (here). I honestly had no idea they were there when I turned onto Camiel Systems Street. I saw them approaching the road crossing just as I was, so I came to a stop, and so did they. It was raining so I did not spend a lot of time photographing them.

CN 7044 in Winnipeg

It looked like they were doing a crew change. I think they had trainees (in the bright green vests).

CN 7044 is equipped for remote control operation, as indicated by the light on the roof. Note the odd looking number boards.

There are a few industries on that spur. I've indicated the type of traffic they would have.

It would make a nice little industrial park on a model train layout. Sometime when the weather is nicer, I'd like to go take some photos.

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