Monday, June 25, 2012

May 5

As I alluded to in a previous post, I saw a lot of stuff on May 5. I was out with the kids, shooting trains and doing kid stuff.

First up was VIA 1, the Canadian, at St. James Junction. Photos are here and here. They had a couple of dead-heading cars that I neglected to mention in my previous post, namely diner Acadian and this HEP 2 car, VIA 4122.
VIA 4122 in Winnipeg
It's always neat to see deadheading cars on the Canadian.

The kids and I headed up Pembina Highway, as I was intending on seeing what was around the CP Winnipeg shops. On the way, I saw an eastbound freight stopped at Subway by the Winnipeg Maintenance Centre, with CN 8003 and CN 5701 for power.

As we approached the yard, driving down Logan Avenue, I noticed a train working a grain elevator nearby. A quick detour brought me to view CP 3106 working the elevator.
CP 3106 in Winnipeg

I watched for a few minutes, and lo! the train started to roll toward me.
CP 3106 at a grain elevator in Winnipeg
This was not my first time shooting CP 3106!

Continuing on, we ended up at the sports field just south of the shops. We went across the field and I started shooting.

There was a variety of power there. There were a fair number of SD40-2 engines were there, including multimark units CP 5927, CP 6019 and CP 6055.
CP 6019 in Winnipeg
Red SOO-painted 6062 was there as well, although not in a very photogenic location.

The usual GP38/slug pairs were there, CP 1127/3027 and CP 1128/3028. I'm getting so used to seeing those particular engines that I hardly ever bother to photograph them any more. I know it's crazy, but how many photos of the exact same engines in the exact same locations can you have? :)

The usual few AC4400 engines were around, such as CP 8515.
CP 8515 in Winnipeg
Also present were ES44AC engines CP 8764 and CP 8823.
CP 8823 in Winnipeg
Dual-flag SD90 CP 9550 was present, but again was not in a location that I could show the dual flag logo very well. The paint used for the under-cab numbers on the SD90s seems to have been very poor. It seems like every CP 95xx engine has faded numbers.

I spotted new engine CP 9355 bringing an intermodal train in, but it was far away and all I managed was a shot through some trees.

By this time, my kids were getting pretty bored so we went to the playground and had some fun there, then headed home.

As always, you can see the complete day's sightings in my database.

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