Friday, June 29, 2012

VIA 693 and VIA 1

Here are VIA 693 from Tuesday and VIA 1 from Thursday.

VIA 693, ex-Hudson Bay, first. I waited just west of Carman Junction for the train in the bright sunshine. I had brought along my Canon S3 to use as a video camera, but when I went to set up I realized I forgot the tripod. I didn't even have my GorillaPod with me so there was no place to set the camera down and take decent video. Oh well.

I mentioned previously that shooting the Hudson Bay is a bit dull, so I figured I would try a little blur shot. I set the shutter speed on my T1i to 1/30s and took this shot.
VIA 6417 in Winnipeg Manitoba

I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. The engine nose could be a bit sharper. I shot each car as it went by and then got the David Morris Going-Away Shot™.
VIA 693 out of Winnipeg

Note the bit of yellow behind the train, canola in a far-away field. I have to find a place to shoot trains with canola in the foreground!

I went out on June 28 (Thursday) to shoot the Canadian. I waited a little west of Shaftesbury Boulevard for VIA 1 and it came along on time.
VIA 6401 in Winnipeg

This time I remembered the tripod. Here's the video from my Canon S3.

As soon as the Canadian went by, I took off in pursuit. I was hoping for a stop signal at Diamond or at least a Limited to slow it down enough for me to catch up. I was held up by a slow driver on Wilkes so I didn't draw abreast of the train until after the hotbox detector at mile 10. Unfortunately VIA called out "Clear to Diamond" so there would be no chance to get ahead. I pointed my camera out the side window of the car and took a few pacing shots totally blind. I was quite pleased with how this one turned out.
VIA 6401 and 6404 pacing photo

I didn't even have to level the horizon!

After that I slowed and the Canadian disappeared in the distance. I turned around and headed back east... only to.... well, that's another post.

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