Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yet More Humpyard Dogs

Slug CN 203 and operator
On June 8 I took a quick trip over to Symington yard to see what was going on. I finally saw the three SD40 engines and the slug up close and took a few photos. The consist was CN 203, CN 6005, CN 6009 and CN 6012.

CN 6009 in Winnipeg

They were running light through the yard, maybe to go pick up another string of cars.
CN 6012 in Winnipeg

I shot another set of the "dogs", GP38 CN 7528, slugs CN 504 and CN 502, and GP38 CN 7532. Look closely behind the slugs.
CN 7528 in Winnipeg

Yeah, that's right, Rocky Mountaineer cars. It's a real shame I didn't actually notice those cars at the time. Grrrr.

CN 2282 and ex-BNSF CN 2197 were pushing a train back into the yard. I've never seen CN 2197 before but I saw CN 2282 back on January 30, 2010.
CN 2197 in the Winnipeg yard

PS: I wrote about Symington's "humpyard dogs" here and here.

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