Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Day

Thursday, July 12 was a busy busy railfanning day. It started at noon when I went out to shoot the Canadian. I went down to my new favourite spot by Carman Junction around mile 8.3 and set up. Soon I realized that there was a CN freight coming east. I was hoping it would not skunk me like a certain previous time, but fortunately it was on the north track. CN 2592 led CN 2609 and a medium-sized intermodal train. I believe it was CN 102.
CN 2592 in Winnipeg

As the train rolled on past me, I saw a set of headlights in the far distance to the east. Here comes VIA!
VIA 6413 passes a CN train

The end of the CN train passed and shortly after that, VIA 6413 came around the curve.
VIA 6413 in Winnipeg

Now... here's a funny little picture from the same time. Guess what happened? (answer at bottom of post)
Dark VIA 6413

I took a video of the two trains.

After work, I traveled out toward the CN Rivers subdivision again. I saw a container train rolling over route 90, and it turned out to be CN 199. I gave chase, although I figured I would not catch up to it.They met an eastbound train and I caught a glimpse of the head end at Shaftesbury Boulevard as I waited for the light to change.

I continued on westward and 199 got away, but I heard them get a rollby inspection from a train. Curious, I kept going west of Diamond and found CN 112 stopped on the north track. They were waiting for a green light. Here they had just received their light, turned their headlights on, and were preparing to head out.
CN 2308 in Winnipeg

I took some shots as the head end passed, then jumped in my car and gave chase. It was quite easy to pace them at the start, as they were still pulling hard to get moving. I fired some shots out my side window and ended up with a half-decent pacing shot.
CN 2308 in Winnipeg

I then pulled up to Hall Road to take video. I thought I had plenty of time but in fact I was a bit rushed and missed a bit of horn noise at the start.

All very exciting, but there was one more train to see! CN 106 was still to come into Winnipeg. Here they are near Diamond.
CN 8883 in Winnipeg

Here's the video from the same location.

That was quite enough for me, so I headed for home. But wait! There's more... when crossing the CN Letellier subdivision, I saw CN 532 rolling south, so I took a quick exit and shot them as they approached the Perimeter Highway. CN 5532 on 532... love it.
CN 5532 on train 532

I have no idea why the door was open, except perhaps to provide some cooling for the crew.

Answer to why the VIA photo was so dark: My camera was set to meter on a single point (the center of the lens) and I had pointed it at the headlight. The camera metered for the headlight and so the shot was very underexposed. I like the effect!

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