Saturday, July 07, 2012

July 2

Here's a few photos from July 2. This was a holiday here so after hanging around the house for a while, I loaded the kids up and went out to shoot trains. I headed toward CN's Symington Yard but was distracted by CN 103 rolling into the yard from the CN Sprague subdivision. I shot them just north of the Perimeter near Tinkertown. I didn't have much time to set up and I wanted to try a pan shot. This is the best of them.
CN 2244 and canola in Winnipeg

Continuing on, I passed the yard and headed up to Transcona. CN 114 was rolling through on the main line, passing CN 112 that was sitting in the siding being refueled. 112 had CN 8899 on the head end.
CN 8899 being refueled
You can see the grain facility on the left and the Fort Garry hotel in the far distance.

Here's CN 114 passing CN 112.
CN 2257 passes CN 8899 in Winnipeg
I really wish I have a better telephoto lens! To be fair, this is shot from a bit over half a kilometre away...

I took another shot as they drew closer.
CN 2257 in Winnipeg

I decided to chase the train. We headed east along the Dugald Road and were able to get ahead of it. I debated with myself whether I would try a grain elevator shot in Dugald but when I saw a nice field of canola, I knew I wanted to shoot the train with the canola in the foreground. Here it is.
CN 2257 and CN 2106 outside Winnipeg

I heard that CN 112 was getting ready to roll, so I took a few photos of it but did not wait around. I wanted to see some CP action. I headed north. All was quiet on CP so I had a quick look at the CEMR yard. I saw that CP 1532 and CP 1594 were parked in the CP North Transcona yard, and CEMR had engine 4000 in front of their shops... but more interesting was CCGX 4010 as viewed through their fence.
CCGX 4010 in Winnipeg

I'm no expert but I kinda think this is the end of CCGX 4010.
CCGX 4010 in Winnipeg

I last saw her in action just about two years ago:
CCGX 4010 in Winnipeg

I returned to the Day Street crossing of CP and saw headlights in the distance to the east. I parked and waited for the train.. and waited.. and waited. It was approaching but taking its sweet old time getting there. Finally it revealed itself to be CP 8761.
CP 8761 in Winnipeg

That was it for the day. I guess that was enough!


Eric said...

Nice canola shots, Steve. Looks like CP has been doing some weed-spraying. parrot, er, Geep. Royal George hotel in Transcona?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Brain fart, apparently, Eric. Of course I meant the Fort Garry.