Saturday, October 13, 2012

Videos of the Grey Cup Train

A few railfans have been posting video of the Grey Cup train... always appreciated.

This is ManitobaTransitVids' video of the Grey Cup train at Rivers, Manitoba heading west as part of VIA 1. Note that VIA 6445 was buried behind the two Canadian engines.

DieselSmoke92 shared this lengthy video featuring a walkthrough of the train.

JJ's Railfan Videos caught the eastbound VIA 2 at two locations in Ontario. VIA very nicely put 6445 on the head end this time, and note the three deadhead cars ahead of the normal Canadian consist.

Great fall colours!

Here's David Othen's lengthy video of the train as part of the Ocean. He caught it at a couple of locations in the falling dark as it approached Halifax, and then has some views of the exterior at the Halifax station.

David noted that this is probably the first "J-train" to ever visit the Maritimes. A J-train features two complete trains stuck end to end such that the locomotive(s) from the rear train are coupled to the end of the first train. Normally VIA would take the locomotive(s) off the rear train and put them behind the engines of the first train. In the Corridor between Quebec City and Windsor, VIA runs J trains fairly regularly but it is rare to see them outside the Corridor. I remember that VIA experimented with running the Ocean and Chaleur as a J train in Quebec but found that it was not worthwhile.

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