Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dave Dineen chases the Eastbound

While I was chasing the St. Stephen local Monday, Dave Dineen was chasing the eastbound mainline freight. He reports that it arrived in Tracy at 17:35 and proceeded east through Fredericton Junction, Blissville, and so forth until it tripped the hotbox at Welsford. They stopped the train to fix the problem, and finally got into Saint John at 19:25. Photos are in Dave's Yahoo album.

The train had all green power: 9802, 2612, 2319, 2318. It's funny that not long ago those engines were been NBSR green, UP yellow, Sunbury yellow, Devco green. I guess we should get used to green engines.

The following location is just south of the Brittian Road (here. I like this spot too because of the S curve.

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